If a range hood removes contaminants at a flow rate of F liters of air per second, then the percent P of contaminants that are also removed from the surrounding air can be modeled by P = 1.05F + 17.64, where F is between and inclusive of 10 and 75. What flow rate F must a range hood have to remove

61% of the contaminants from the air?


The hood must have a flow rate F of about  _____ liters of air per second.

 Oct 18, 2017

61=  1.05F + 17.64     subtract  17.64 from both sides


43.36   =  1.05 F     divide  both sides by 1.05


≈ 41.3  =  F



cool cool cool

 Oct 18, 2017
edited by CPhill  Oct 18, 2017

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