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Say you have 6 apples and 7 oranges. You put them in a bag, and pull one out. The odds of taking an apple is 6/13. Now imagine that you randomly take one fruit out of the bag, but you don't look at it. You then take out a second piece of fruit. What are the chance that the second fruit is an orange?

 Dec 3, 2019

Let's say the first fruit is an apple

This is a 6/13 possibility

And the probability of an orange is 7/12

6/13*7/12 = 7/26


And if the first fruit is an orange

7/13 possibility

Probability of an oragne is 1/2

7/13*1/2 = 7/26


Total probabgility = 7/26+7/26 = 14/26 = 7/13

 Dec 3, 2019

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