Consider the system of equations \begin{align*} 5x + y &= 31, \\ -3x + 4y &= -37. \end{align*}


A) Solve the first equation for $y$ in terms of $x.$ Enter your answer in the form "$y = \dotsb.$"

Consider the system of equations

B) Take your expression for  from part (a), and substitute it into the second equation. Solve for  x and y. Enter your answer as the ordered pair 


(also if u can show me how u got to your answer so I can understand!)

 Feb 5, 2022
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Ok if you want to learn, try interacting with me.


show me step by step how to solve this




If you know how to do that then to the same for  5x+y=31   to get y by itself on the left hand side.

 Feb 5, 2022
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