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 Sep 27, 2017


Since   the first value we're given is, - 4   we want to look for the correct function to plug this into


Notice that the last function is only good when x > 1......so that's not the one we want

The second function is only good when  x > -4     [and  ≤ 1 ]    so....we don't want that one, either


So....the first one says it's good when  x  is less than or equal to  - 4.....so that's the one we want


So    ....puting  -4  into x^2  we get    (-4)   =  16



Then...we want to choose the correct function when x  = 4

This is obviously the last one   since it's good when  x > 1


So...plugging  4  into √ x....we get  √ 4    = 2



cool cool cool

 Sep 27, 2017

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