which vocabulary word goes with the sentences 


transcript , rhetoric, disparate, extrapolate, corroborate, pragmatic, epitome, revere, laconic 


       1. *Shelly is the ____ of a good student. She completes her assignments correctly.             2 . *When giving his speech, Mr. Wilson was _____ and did not use flowery terms, which would give us a false sense of hope.             3 . *The man accused of m****r had no one to _____ his alibi.            4.  *Her essay was so difficult to read due to all the _____ errors.            5. *My employer for the summer is asking for a copy of my LDCC _____.            6. *Because his essay was twenty pages long instead of ten, Gerald had to look at making his writing more _____.           7.  *In Louisiana, the seasons of the year are not always _____. It is hard to tell the spring from the summer when temperatures top out at 90 degrees.            8. *Based upon the Louisiana Department of Health's findings, we can _____ that the coronavirus may not be contained until the middle of the summer.             9 . *His sharp _____ makes him very unpopular with the very people he wants to agree with him.           10.  *It is hard to _____ someone who would rather lie

 Apr 9, 2020

1. epitome, which means the perfect example of something

2. pragmatic, which means practical or it could be laconic which means brief or short


Hopefully, this can give you a start.

Looking up the definitions can help...if the questions still stump you, try looking for context clues.



 Apr 9, 2020
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