NotSoSmart  Nov 17, 2017

The graph does not touch the  x  axis anywhere. That means there are no points on the graph that have a  y  value of  0 . There are no  x  values that cause   y  to be zero.


So... there are no real solutions to this equation:   f(x) = 0

hectictar  Nov 17, 2017

Hectictar is correct of course but the question is very badly worded becasue this is the equaton of 




Which has an infinite number of solution pairs.



\(0=(x-2)^2+6\)       has no solutions

Melody  Nov 18, 2017

I believe for quadratics that "solutions" refers to the zeros of the particular function. Nonetheless, I also agree that it can cause some ambiguity and avoiding that language is preferrable. It is better to either use "zeros" or "roots."

TheXSquaredFactor  Nov 18, 2017

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