1/4 of the spectators at a basketball tournament are women. The number of girls is 2/5 the number of women. The number of men is 6 times the number of girls. The number of boys is 770 fewer than the number of men. How many spectators are at the basketball tournament?

 May 22, 2022

Let the number of people at the tournament==P
Number of women at the tournament ==1/4P

Number of girls at the tournament==2/5 * 1/4P ==0.10P

Number of men at the tournament ==0.10P * 6==0.60P

P - 1/4P  - 1/10P==0.35P are men and boys
1/4P + 1/10P + 0.60P + (0.60P - 770) ==P

P ==1,400 people at the tournament.

 May 22, 2022

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