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Larry’s band recently had a 4 city tour that ends in Burbank. Larry’s band played to at least 44,000 people. If they had 12,450 fans attend in Denver, 13,900 in Las Vegas, 7,650 people in Reno, how many fans attended Larry’s bands last concert in Boston?


Write an equation of this problem:



 Nov 3, 2017

The band played to  44,000  people total in the four cities.


They played to  12,450  people in Denver.

They played to  13,900  people in Las Vegas.

They played to  7,650  people in Reno.

How many people did they play to in Boston?


Let the number of people in Boston be  " x " .


We know the total is  44,000 , so...


12,450 + 13,900 + 7,650 + x  =  44,000      To solve for  x  , combine like terms on the left.


34,000 + x  =  44,000                                   Subtract  34,000  from both sides of the equation.


x  =  10,000

 Nov 3, 2017

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