The hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is $4\sqrt{2}$ units. How many square units are in the area of the triangle?

 Nov 8, 2019

let the legs be x units long

Use pythagoras's theorum to solve for x.

Then you can find the area. 

 Nov 8, 2019

If we had a square  with a diagonal  =  4√2 units.....the side of the square  =  4 units


Then the area  of the square  =  side^2  =  4^2  =  16 units^2


So.....the area of this isosceles triangle will be  1/2  of this



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 Nov 8, 2019

Chris you have answered over me for no good reason AND you left out the bit that would cause the most problem.



"Why is the length of the square 4 units and what has a triangle got to do with a square."


If this kid sees your  answer and wants to learn from it at all, which is quite unlikely, those are the questions they would be asking themselves.


I do admit my answer was very basic but it at least gave a hint on how to find the length of the triangle legs.

If the child wanted more help he/she should have, and probably would have asked.

Melody  Nov 8, 2019

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