Tommy has 30 marbles in a bag. If 1/2 are blue, 1/3 are red, and 1/6 are yellow and he draws out a marble, records the color, returns it to the bag and repeats the process 10 times,

a) approximately how many times should he expect to draw a blue marble?

b) Suppose Tommy did the same experiment 100 times, approximately how many times would Tommy expect to draw a blue marble?

c) Which of the two approximations is likely to be the most accurate? Justify your answer.

 Dec 29, 2023
edited by sugabreaddoughman  Dec 29, 2023

you could say that 1/2*10 is 5 for a, 1/2*100 is 50 for b, and for c, more tests gives a higher accuracy rate, so most likely b - although there is no guarentee, because as you know, low chance doesn't mean impossible!

 Dec 29, 2023

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