Of the 10,000 participants in the Cooper Run/Walk, 42% were runners and one-third of the runners were female. Sally, a female runner, finished faster than exactly 90% of the female runners. What is the greatest number of female runners who could have finished faster than Sally?


What I have gotten so far: 42% were runners, meaning 4200 were runners, and 1/3 of the runners were female, meaning there were 1400 female runners.


What I am stuck on: 'finished faster than exactly 90% of the female runners', which (i hope) means 10% of female runners finished faster, but I typed in 140 and it said my answer was wrong.

 Jul 8, 2022

if Sally finished right after 90%, wouldn't that mean that she would be 91%? Then, 9% would be greater, right?

 Jul 8, 2022

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