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Collins Middle School has 296 sixth grade students. Of the sixth grade is 40% of the total school, how many students are in the middle school?

 May 3, 2019

Set up equation:


The total students is x


So the number of 6th graders is 4/10x (as 4/10 means 40% of)


And 4/10 simplifies to 2/5.




To get rid of that nasty fraction and to isolate x, we can first divide by 2.




Then finally, we multiply by 2.




So the total number of students in the school is \(\boxed{740}\) Students

 May 3, 2019
edited by CalculatorUser  May 3, 2019

296 = .4n

148 = .2n

Multiply both sides by 5.

740 = n.

There are 740 students in the middle school.



 May 3, 2019

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