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The gasoline gauge on a van initially read 1/8 full. When 15 gallons of gasoline were added to the tank, the gauge then read 3/4  full. How many more gallons would be needed to fill the tank?

 Apr 28, 2019

x can represent the total gallons of gasoline.


This means that when it was \(\frac{1}{8}\)full, it is \(\frac{1}{8}\)x.


So this means \(\frac{1}{8}x+15=\frac{3}{4}x\)


Solving we get 24 gallons in the entire tank.


It is currently three-quarters full, which is 18 gallons out of a total of 24 gallons.


This means we need \(\boxed{6}\) more gallons to fill the tank.

 Apr 28, 2019

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