Lucas brought $164 to the store.  He has already spent $147.50, but still needs to buy some gallons of milk that cost $2.79 each. 
What is the maximum number of gallons of milk that Lucas could buy (not including tax)? 

Guest Apr 27, 2018

First, let's find the remaining money. 




164-147.5 = 16.5


So, he has $16.50 left.


Now, we take 16.5 and divide it by 2.79. This will give the amount of milk he can buy


16.5/2.79 = 5.9139784946236559


Well, we can't buy a part of a milk jug, so we have to round DOWN since we can't just get milk for free as well. 


So, Lucas can buy 5 gallons of milk with a remaining amount of $2.55. Maybe buy some candy for all the hard work he's gonna be doing? cheeky

rarinstraw1195  Apr 27, 2018

Your answer is 5 gallons

IAmJeff  Apr 27, 2018

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