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The net of a square pyramid is shown below:

Net of a square pyramid showing 4 triangles and the square base. The square base has side lengths of 2 inches. The height of each triangle attached to the square is 5 inches. The base of the triangle is the side of the square.

What is the surface area of the solid?


If you cant see the picture please tell me I will send it in messages. 

 Mar 14, 2019

Surface area of the base  = (2)^2 =  4in^2


Area of each triangle =  (1/2) (side length of base)(height) = (1/2) (2)(5) = 5in^2


So...surface area =   base area +  area of 4 triangles =  4 + 4(5)  =  24 in ^2



cool cool cool

 Mar 14, 2019

Thankyou so much you could see the picture????

Nickolas  Mar 14, 2019

No, Nickolas....I just figured it out from the info given....


Can you not upload pics  ????


cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 14, 2019

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