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1. The roots of a quadratic equation are 6 and 3/4. If one of the two factors of the equation is x-6, what is the second factor?

A. 3x-4

B. 3x+4

C. 4x-3

D. 4x+3

2. How many real zeros does the function have? Function: x^2-4=f(x)

A. 3

B. 0

C. 1

D. 2

3. If x-2 divides p(x) evenly, which statement must be true?

A. p(2)=0

B. p(-2)=0

C. 2 is the slope of p(x)

D. -2 is the y-intercept of p(x)


I've been stuck on these questions. I've tried but I can't figure out the answer. Please help and show how to get the answer because I have similar questions. Thanks! Sorry.

 Mar 11, 2019

First one.....if   a/b   is a root, then  (bx - a) is a factor

To see this   let  bx - a = 0

Then  bx = a

And  x  = a/b  is  the root


So....if 3/4 is a root, then,  (4x - 3)  is a factor



Second one


x^2 - 4 =  0     factor as


(x + 2) ( x - 2)  = 0

So....this will have two roots  (zeros)



Last one

If  x - a  divides P(x).....then  a is a  zero   (root)   ...so.....  P(a) = 0




If x - 2 divides P(x)......then 2 is a zero   ....so....P(2)  = 0


cool cool cool

 Mar 11, 2019

Thank you so much for your help!! smiley

Guest Mar 11, 2019

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