On a True/False test, Amy answered the first three questions wrong but answered the rest of the questions correctly. On the same test, Scott answered exactly two questions wrong. He answered the last question wrong, the 26 questions before it correctly, and the question before that wrong. If Amy and Scott were both incorrect on the same question exactly once, what is the greatest possible percent of the total number of questions that Amy could have answered correctly?

 Sep 4, 2022

Amy got the first 3 wrong, and the others corrct. 

If Scott got the last onewrong and the 26 before that and then another one wrong, that means he got two wrong.

Amy got the first 3 wrong, which means the one Scott got wrong was one of the ones Amy got wrong.


So, Amy's best percentage is 27/30, since the best is if Amy and Scott both get the first one wrong. 




so 90%

 Sep 4, 2022

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