NotSoSmart  Apr 12, 2017

Note, NSS, that drawing a radius to either end of the chord will produce a right triangle   with legs of 5 and   (1/2)21  = 10.5   [the fact that the segment marked a "5"  meets the chord at a right angle means that the chord is bisected at that point of intersection....and the bisected part forms the other leg]


So the hypotenuse of this triangle  will equal the radii, x


x =  sqrt ( 10.5^2 + 5^2 )   =  sqrt (135.25)  ≈ 11.6


[ Looks like you got the correct answer....!!  ]



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 12, 2017

Oh, I understand.

tertre  Apr 12, 2017

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