Question 2: The students at Midtown Middle school sold flowers as a fundraiser in September and October. In October, they charged $1.50 for each flower. The October price was a 20% increase of the September price. Part A What was the price of the flowers in September? Enter your answer in the box. $ Part B The seventh-grade class earned 40% of the selling price of each flower. In September, they sold 900 flowers. In October, they sold 700 flowers. Select a choice from each drop-down menu to make a true statement. The seventh-grade class earned more money in

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Since the October price was a 20% increase over the price in September, the price in October is 120% of that in September.


To get the multiplier to get to the September price from the October price, we need to divide the current price by the price difference. So, solve this: \({1.5}\div{1.2}\)


b was cut off. What was the rest of the question?

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