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A sine function has the following key features:

Period = 4π

Amplitude = 3

Midline: y = 2

y-intercept: (0, 2)

The function is a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis.

The first point must be on the midline and the second point must be a maximum or minimum value on the graph closest to the first point.

 Jan 23, 2019

" The function is a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis."


So....my question is.....are we supposed to write an equation for the given function or its parent???


Well anyway..... here are both : 



y = 3sin (x/2) + 2      (given)


y = -3sin(x/) - 2   (parent)


Here are both graphs : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/tsbnzesmce



cool cool cool

 Jan 23, 2019

Hmmmmm...... I think it might be THIS one:    (as I feel the refelection of the parent function (sin x) is accomplished by the initial ' - ' sign)


 Jan 23, 2019

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