a volleyball has a diameter of 10 inches. a pump can inflate the ball at a rate of 325 inches cubed per minute. How long will it take to inflate the ball?

Guest Feb 23, 2017

you need to find the volume using pi and the raduis (half of diameter) the divide by 325 and you have the timewink

Guest Feb 23, 2017

Well how many cubic inches are in the volleball?

\(V= \frac{4}{3}\pi r^{3}\)

If the diameter is 10 inches, the radius is 5 inches.

r = 5

\(V= \frac{4}{3}\pi (5^{3})\)

\(V= \frac{4}{3}\pi (125)\)

\(V = \frac{500\pi}{3}\)

V ≈ 523.5988 cubic inches.


So if the pump can put in 325 cubic inches per minute, and the volleyball has 523.5988 cubic inches, it will take 523.5988/325 ≈ 1.611 minutes to fill. :)

hectictar  Feb 23, 2017

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