You are buying meat for a cookout. You need to buy 8 packages costs $5.89. You spend a total of $28.62. How many of each packages did you purchase

Guest Mar 3, 2017

What are the packages and costs?

Mikeyy  Mar 3, 2017

If 8 packages cost $5.89, then one package costs $5.89/8 = $0.73625

The total price equals the number of packages you bought times the price of each package.

$28.62 = number of packages*$0.73625

$28.62/$0.73625 ≈ 38.873 packages


This seems off though because what store charges 73.625 cents for packs of hamburger meat?

74 cents makes the price for 8 packs too high and 73 cents makes the price for 8 packs too low. 73.6 cents works but that still is a fraction of a cent.

On top of that who buys 38.873 packages? Oh well.

hectictar  Mar 4, 2017

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