Incircle of radius 4 cm of a triangle ABC touches the side BC at D. If BD=6 cm, DC = 8 cm, then what area of triangle ABC?

 Jul 4, 2020

an incircle is where the point that the bisectors intersect that forms a circle touching the sides of the triangle 

so we have that OD=4 , BD=6, and DC=8 so BC=14 and we can find the area so they are 14*4/2*2=64 so the area of the pentagon OECBF where O is the incenter and E is where they intersect AC and F is where they intersect AB. We only need to find AEOF which is 2 times AOF so the height of AOF is 4 and the base is x so we get that the area is 2x+64 

 Jul 4, 2020

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