Madison has a beach chair and umbrella stand. Each umbrella rents for $19 per day.At the end of one day, she made $130 off beach chair rentals and the rest from the umbrella rentals. If she made a total of $567, how many umbrellas did she rent that day?

 Jan 21, 2020

If you divide the total sales from umbrellas by the revenue per umbrella you'll find the number of umbrellas.
To get the total sale from umbrellas simply subtract chair rentals (130) from the total revenue (567). Then divide the answer by the cost per umbrella (19).

Let x be number of umbrellas.

Since x*19=567-130 -> Number of umbrellas * cost = revenue 
It follows that x=(567-130)/19

Hope it helps. Cheers.

 Jan 21, 2020

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