Xavier can read 100 pages per hour and Max can read 50 pages per hour.  If they each read the same book, and the book has 225 pages, how many more minutes than Xavier would it take for Max to finish reading the book?

 Jun 1, 2020

First, find out how long it would take them to read the same book. You can do this by cross multiplying.

Because it asks for the answer in minutes, change the 1 hour to 60 minutes.



100 pgs / 60 mins = 225 pgs / x mins

100x = 255(60)                                        multiply

100x = 15300                                           divide 100 on both sides

x = 153


From this information, we can gather that it will take Xavier 153 minutes to read the book.


Now, calculate how long it'll take Max to read the book.



50 pgs / 60 mins = 225 pgs / x mins 

50x = 255(60)                                          multiply

50x = 15300                                             divide 50 on both sides

x = 308


It will take Max 308 minutes to read the book.


The question asks how many more minutes than Xavier does it take for Max to finish reading the book.

Subtract the minutes it would take Xavier to read the book from the amount of minutes it would take Max to read the book. 


308 - 153 = 155


It takes 155 more minutes than Xavier for Max to finish the book.

 Jun 1, 2020

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