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Consider a 5.0 kg object traveling to the right at 25. m/s and colliding with a stationary 1.0 kg object. If the first object continues at 20. m/s to the right after the collision, what is its new momentum? 

 Feb 21, 2019

The conservation of momentum, means that before and after the collision, the momentum totals are the same...

original momentum    5 kg * 25 m/s = 125  kg -m/s

After collision             5      *20 =          100 kg-m/s

this means that the 1 kg object has the remainder of the momentum   and is traveling at 25 m/s

 Feb 21, 2019

help, so 5 kg*m/s was transferred?

SmartMathMan  Feb 21, 2019

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