the sum of the girth and the height of Galois' box is 108 inches, the maximum allowed by the shipping company. What is the volume of the box in terms of x and y

 Sep 22, 2022

V = π a^2 h  [Volume of a cylinder]
(for a circular right cylinder with center at the origin, height h, radius a)


This is very arbitrary !!


Suppose the diameter of the box==50 inches

Then the height of the box==108 - 50 ==58 inches


50 / 2 ==25 inches - the radius of the box.

V = π a^2 h ==Pi x 25^2 x 58==113,882.73 - cubic inches - volume of the box for this assumption.


Note: You can assign x and y to the 2 dimensions used in this example.

 Sep 22, 2022

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