A person measures the angle of depression from the top of a wall to a point on the ground. The point is located on level ground 62 feet from the base of the wall and the angle of depression is 52°. How high is the wall, to the nearest tenth of a foot?

TheBestAquamarine  May 1, 2017
edited by TheBestAquamarine  May 1, 2017


We can use the tangent here


tan (52)  =  H  / 62     where H is the wall height......rearrange as


H  = 62 * tan(52)  ≈  79.4 ft.


Here's a pic  ......angle DCB  is the depression angle




cool cool cool

CPhill  May 1, 2017
edited by CPhill  May 2, 2017

thank you, i was having troublesfrown

TheBestAquamarine  May 1, 2017

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