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The figure below shows the composite developmental skill level of chessmasters at different ages as determined by their performance against other chessmasters. (From “Rating Systems for Human Abilities,” by W.H. Batchelder and R.S. Simpson, 1988. UMAP Module 698.) (a) At what age is the “typical” chessmaster playing the best chess? (b) At approximately what age is the chessmaster’s skill level increasing most rapidly? (c) Describe the development of the “typical” chessmaster’s skill in words. (d) Sketch graphs that you think would reasonably describe the performance levels versus age for an athlete, a classical pianist, a rock singer, a mathematician and a professional in your major field.



 May 28, 2018

a) about 40

b) about 30

c) at age 20 the chessmasters skills begin to increase, with the most increase around age 30 until it peeks around age 40. The the skill takes a decline after age 40 and never recovers.

d) you could probably just google these graphs, not sure how to post graphs here anyway

 May 30, 2018

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