A potential buyer of the breed of cat known as the Persian cat wishes to find the average weight and height of a full-grown animal. Which of the following would be an effective method of collecting a sample of the population?


A Measuring the weight and height of all Persian cats in the United States

B Sending a questionnaire to breeders at the nationally recognized Cat Breeders Association of America and asking them for their expert opinion regarding the average weight and height of these cats

C Measuring the weight and height of 10 Persian cats found at the local animal rescue center

D Measuring the weight and height of 200 Persian cats from across the United States

hay24  Apr 19, 2018

A) would not be effective

B) sounds like the answer, cause the association probably already did this survey already

C) 10 cats at a local shelter is not very many and too local

D) this would be a good choice, but why would a potential buyer spend money and time to do this?


Logically B is the right answer, but D would be the best if the potenial buyer had all the money and time.

Guest Apr 19, 2018


hay24  Apr 19, 2018

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