Marvin the fly starts at  Each step, Marvin moves one unit right or one unit up. He is trying to get to the point . However, at  there is a frog that will eat him if he goes through that point. In how many ways can Marvin reach ?


A. How many ways can you distribute  different balls among  different boxes?


B. How many ways can you distribute  identical balls among  identical boxes?


C. How many ways can you distribute  identical balls among  different boxes?


Plz help I am rlly stuck

 Jun 26, 2020

Please don't post so many questions at once!


Please also fix your latex.


However I know the questions you are asking :)


for the marvin one, 12c5 to get to 5,7 and 7c3 * 5c1 passing throguh 4,3


Now you calculate.


4 choices for each ball, 4 boxes, you can solve now.


these are the groups

4-0-0-0, 3-1-0-0, 2-2-0-0, 2-1-1-0, and 1-1-1-1


The number is answer.




I answered this a few minutes ago.


Go see my answer earlier.

 Jun 26, 2020

Why are you posting AoPS questions? I think I know which class you are in. ;) And also dude don't post AoPS questions AoPS is for learning not for posting on web2.0calc.

 Jun 28, 2020

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