if a golf ball has a mass of 46g and it goes 3.4m in 2.3 seconds when shot from a catapult what is it kentic energy

 Oct 23, 2017

Google says the formula for momentum is\(p=mv\), where p = the momentum of the object, m is the mass of the object, and v is the velocity of the object. Velocity is just speed with a given direction, so we can solve for speed in place of velocity for here, but not everywhere. The formula for speed is\(s=\frac{d}{t}\), where s is the speed of the object, d is the distance traveled, and t is the time it takes to move that distance. Using the given formula, we can solve for speed:

3.4 meters/2.3 seconds = about 1.47826087 meters/second

Since momentum is measured in kilogram-meters/second, we need to convert 46 grams to kilograms:

46 grams/1000 (conversion rate) = 0.046 kg

Now we combine the 2 outputs:

1.4782608695652174*0.046 = 0.068 kilogram-meters/second.


*Note: If you use the calculator with the decimal, you get the answer, a bunch of 0's, then 4, because the decimal is not exactly equal to the fraction given, however, if the fraction is used, you get exactly 0.068, because the 0.046 cancels out the 2.3 on bottom.

 Oct 24, 2017

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