Here is a puzzle.

I have not tried it yet but it may be very good    


If you join up you can verse other members - Of which I am one. (It is free)   


Actually I should explain that sporcle is full of every type of interactive learning games.

I learned all the countries and capitals of the world from this and other games.  There are some very easy games and some very difficult ones.

It covers everything history, geography, maths ,science, movies TV sports, trivia,  etc, etc, etc  

Melody  Dec 24, 2014

Okay - I have now played this game.

Most people will find it a little challenging but it is no where near as hard as some of the other Sporcle puzzles.

It is a good one that most of you could do if you are persistent and organised enough.

If anywone wants to challenge me to any sporcle games my username is Melody2     

Here is a completely different game that Reinout-g challenged me to.  It is not hard - just a bit of fun.


It is called  "I hate sport"     

Melody  Dec 30, 2014

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