Guys, I noticed that a few days ago, someone left a blank post. They were a guest. First of all, everyone appreciates it when you sign up on this site. And second, please don't do that. It is very inconsiderate, fills up the page, and nothing can be done to tell admin about it so they can delete it. Thanks for reading this before you post, and for posting on this site! smiley

helperid1839321  Nov 9, 2017

I saw that.....how they did it, I don't know....you're correct......takes up space and wastes time  !!!!




cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 9, 2017

I can't rate it either ... frown

If a post gets -2, it gets put up for moderation, right? So we can't have it so you guys can remove it.

helperid1839321  Nov 9, 2017
edited by helperid1839321  Nov 9, 2017

It wasnt mesmiley

Guest Nov 9, 2017

Good, and thanks for not doing that. I would love it if you could register!

helperid1839321  Nov 9, 2017

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