Hey everybody!

If your new around here you might not recognise me, but I spent a good amount of time answering question on here a good 2 summers ago!

I just thought I'd give a brief update of whats going on with me currently. Some of you veterans might appreciate it.


This school year just started up about 2 weeks ago. I'm now a Sophomore in High School (10th grade)! For math cources I'm taking Pre-Calculus all year, and then Trigonometry with it for just the second semester. I'm also taking Chemistry both semesters...and some more non math/sciencey courses.

Pre-Calculus is starting out a little tough, but I think I'll pick it up if I stick to it. Maybe you'll see me around answering some questions, or even asking my own basic calc. questions from time to time.

Also, in about 5 days I'll be 16 years old and can take my drivers test in hopes of getting my license.


There's a little update on me! Hopefully some old faces on the forum may be able to see how far I've come in these few years.


Happy maths!


 Sep 18, 2015

Good to see you, ND......we have really missed you on here.......Melody is vacationing in Turkey and England for the month........I'll tell her you dropped in.....hope your studies go well.....!!!!!!




cool cool cool.

 Sep 18, 2015

Hi Ninja,

It is really great to see you again.  True to his word, Chris messaged me the address of your post.

I am so very pleased to see you.  :)

I hope you give us some tricky questions to answer or that you post more qualitiy answers that your are so famous for  :))

Melody :)))

 Sep 18, 2015

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