Totally fall for it

Hey everyone wink

How's it goin today, hmm?

Any of you gat any plans, for this week, or next week, or spring break

I'de be interested to hear what ya'll have to say wink

RosyWintercat  May 6, 2017

Lol to answer my own question I dont even get summer break!!! I move right into my next school year, but, I guess its for the best!

RosyWintercat  May 6, 2017

Where do you live? And where is your new school?

Guest May 7, 2017

Hey, Rosie! I'm doing great, what about you?  One thing I have planned for summer break is going to Utah to visit my mom's side of the family.


Now, here's a question for you. What do you like to do in your spare time and what are you planning to do this week or next week?


Stay Awesome!




Hey RedTiger (can I call you that?)

I'm great too!

During my spare time I scetch pictures like this one:

And I also read. Sometimes though when I dont want to do either of those I ride my bike down the road from my house and grab some refreshing icecream!

Btw dod you like this pic? I made several more like it and if you want I could share them with you all smiley

I plan on going shopping for mother's day this week.... I need an ombre' wine glass.... and a bookmark to keep forever.... 2 things I haven't already gotten my mom. So far I have 3 candles, a book an almondjoy bar (one of my mom's fave candy bars), a card from my cat and a card from me, and a mug. But I need to make this the best mother's day yet so I'm looking for more things. Do you all have any suggestions?

And to Guest,

I don't go to a school I do online courses because my dad is a commercial pilot and therefore we all travel alot because he is on moving base, which means they base him to fly from somewhere new in America every month.Our true location is Florida, which is where we happen to rest at the moment. wink

RosyWintercat  May 8, 2017

that is a cute drawing

Britney.Flitter  May 10, 2017

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