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A candy bar box is in the shape of a triangular prism. The volume of the box is 3,240 cubic centimeters. A triangular prism is shown with base of triangle labeled 24 cm, sides of the triangle labeled 15 cm, and length of the box equal to 30 cm. Part A: What is the height of the base? Show your work. (5 points) Part B: What is the approximate amount of cardboard used to make the candy box? Explain how you got your answer. (5 points)

 Feb 6, 2022
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 Feb 6, 2022

If you draw the height of the base, you will create two right triangles, each will have an hypotenuse of 15

and a side of 12.  Using the pythagoren theorem, you get the third side to be:  9.


The area of each trianglular base is:  ½·24·9  =  ...  (remember that there are two bases, so multiply by 2)

One side will be 30x15, another side will be 30x15, and the third side will be 24x 30


Add these area together to get the final answer.

 Feb 6, 2022

base height = sqrt(152 - 122) = 9 cm


24x9 will do for both ends

30x30  the top 

30x24  the bottom

total = 1836 cm2

Guest Feb 7, 2022

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