Hi how does this web site work

 Jun 17, 2020



Welcome to web2.0calc!


Here is a guide to get you started.


Click the link: (Will redirect you to a post on the site) https://web2.0calc.com/questions/c-2-0c-c_6


This is a forum for math. That means that you can post your questions on math here and we'll do our best to answer. Note that we may not answer entire lists of questions.


Please refrain from posting non-math questions.


Ah, I see you found the off-topic button!


For non math, such as general concerns for the site, and other non-math stuff, use Off-topic. This way we can prioritize the math ones then get to off topics to answer.


Located in the page "Home", you'll find a super-duper cool calculator! I assure you it's better than a non-graphing one!


And also, last but not least... make an account! You can gain points, climb the leaderboard(not that the points do anything really), and get priority over guest!


It's free, and no one will see your email.


Welcome aboard the merry band of amateur mathmaticians in training, and I wish you a happy journey on your flig- ahem! Have a good time here!

 Jun 18, 2020

Well it works by when somebody asks a question another person will answer it or give you a hint

 Jun 18, 2020

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