state the phase shift for y = sin(x - 2π) and graph it ???


also state the phase shift and graph y = 2cos(x/4 + π/2) ? 

Thank you so much :)





(**in case the π symbol doesn’t come out, its pi!!)

Guest Mar 25, 2018

y  = sin  ( x - 2pi)

This the sine graph  shifted to  the right by  2pi rads......however.....since the normal peiod is 2pi, it will not appear different from the normal sine graph

Here's the graph  :  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/z4edgadelv


y  = 2cos (x/4 + pi/2)


Write this as :


y  = 2cos(1/4) (x - 2pi)


This is the normal cosine graph with a period 4 times as long as normal, vertically stretched by a factor of 2  and with a phase shift of 2pi rads to the right


Here's  the parent graph and this one  on the same axis





cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 25, 2018

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