In the Beast Ball league, if a player loses a match, they gain 1 point for participating. If a player instead wins, they gain 3 points if they also won their previous game, otherwise they gain 2 points for this victory. Grogg enters the league with 0 points. Find the number of different sequences of wins and loses that will give Grogg 10 points. (If a player wins their first match, they get 2 points. They did not win their previous match since they didn't have one.)


This is a homework from AoPS, I don't really get the process on other websites, so could you please explain to me please, thx a lot.

 Apr 18, 2022

It is against Web2.0 policy to answer aops questions.    Sorry,


It is called  'Art of Problems Solving' becasue they want you to learn to problem solve - without outside help.

They provide a notice board with some hints.

They do not want you to get outside help.

It is not  called  'Art of getting people to help on the net'.   


I am not trying to be harsh but AoPS have shown their frustration enough times.

I can most definitely understand their point of view.

 Apr 18, 2022

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