navya has 10 1/2 feet of craft wire that she uses to make earrings. if each pair earring requires 3/4 foot of wire how many pairs of earrings is navya able to make

Guest Apr 20, 2017

14 pairs

Teruki  Apr 20, 2017

How many "three-fourths" feet of wire are in \( 10\frac12 \) feet of wire?

\(10\frac12 \div \frac34 \\~\\ \frac{21}{2} \div \frac34 =14\)


There are 14 "three fourths" feet of wire in \( 10\frac12 \) feet of wire.

So, there are 14 pairs of earrings that navya is able to make.

hectictar  Apr 20, 2017

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