(2) Proportions can be used to convert units. For example, to convert 250 centimeters to meters, you set up the proportion

1 m

100 cm

 =  x m

250 cm


Use proportions as described above to convert each of the following. (If necessary, round your answers to one decimal place.)

(a) Convert 19 feet to inches. _________ in 

(b) Convert 19 feet to yards. _________ yd

rrahh  Aug 30, 2018
edited by rrahh  Aug 30, 2018
edited by rrahh  Aug 30, 2018

I tried to do these the way the instructions say to do it...


(a)      \(\frac{12\text{ in}}{1\text{ ft}}=\frac{x\text{ in}}{19\text{ ft}}\\~\\ \frac{12\text{ in}\cdot19\text{ ft}}{1\text{ ft}}=x\text{ in}\\~\\ 228\text{ in}=x\text{ in}\)


So..    19 ft  =  228 in



(b)      \(\frac{1\text{ yd}}{3\text{ ft}}=\frac{x\text{ yd}}{19\text{ ft}}\\~\\ \frac{1\text{ yd}\cdot19\text{ ft}}{3\text{ ft}}=x\text{ yd}\\~\\ \frac{19}{3}\text{ yd}=x\text{ yd}\\~\\ 6.3\text{ yd}\approx x\text{ yd} \)


So..    19 ft  ≈  6.3 yd

hectictar  Aug 30, 2018

I had figured it out on my own yesterday. But thank you. 

rrahh  Sep 1, 2018

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