how can you tell if an answer will be positive or negative for negative eponents 

Guest Apr 7, 2017

you cant. Lets take for example an equation of the form a0+a1*xt1+a2*xt2+a3*xt3..........an*xtn=0,


where t1 2 3<..... n<0


Now multiply by x-t1 and get: a0*x-t1+a1+a2*xt2-t1+a3*xt3-t1+a4*xt4-t1+a5*xt5-t1..........an*xtn-t1=0


the equation is exactly the same, no solution was added (you can check it)


So it doesnt tell anything about the answer.

Ehrlich  Apr 7, 2017

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