What is the formula?


Also, can you prove it?

 Jan 15, 2019

well i saw this written by another guy, its sum of two bases over 2..

maybe use similar triangles to prove? IDK!

 Jan 15, 2019

Before reading this answer, you might want to take a look at 



An orthodiagonal right trapezoid essentially means a trapezoid in where the diagonals intersect at a right angle.


Will do an answer when I can get a camera to work.

 Jan 15, 2019

Thank you


Pls asap though

itsyaboi  Jan 15, 2019

I was unable to get a camera to work, so You'll have to read carfully.


1.Construct a trapezoid with the description of the problem.

2.Name the verticies starting from the top left side, going clockwise, A,B,C and D respectively.

3.Draw altitudes going down from A and B. Name the points where they intersect DC F and E, F is on the left.

4.Let side \(\overline{AB}\) be a, and \(\overline{DC}\) be b. \(\overline{FE}\) is a, and \(\overline{EC}\) = \(\overline{DF}\) = \(\frac{b-a}{2}\).

5.Let the intersection of diagonals be O.

6.\(\triangle DOC\) is a 45-45-90 triangle.


See if you can work it out from there.

 Jan 15, 2019

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