So I'm doing this question and my answer is d(x)= 5 (x−3/10)^2 + 11/20. Now it's asking me to find the domain and range and also to graph the function of d. 

 Apr 28, 2019

The Domain is just the "x" values of your graph, if your x-axis is going toward both left and right forever, the domain should be all real numbers.

The Range, is just where the y value is, and because this graph has a minimum vertex value, the y should just be greater or equal to the y value of the vertex.


SO your graph should look like 

So we can see that our graph stretches to both left and right forever, so the domain is d=R, or all real numbers


The vertex is at a minimum value, so the range or y value is {y>=0.55}

 Apr 29, 2019

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