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is there a way to build a formula, and simply punch in different x variables and have the calculator solve them?

 Mar 5, 2019

You can do that with a programmable calculator. 

 Mar 5, 2019
edited by Melody  Mar 5, 2019

To use and assign values to variables on the site calculator use this input format with the semicolon as the delimiter:

Example input:

a=3;b=4; sqrt(a^2+b^2)

a=4;b=5; sqrt(a^2+b^2)


Reserved letters are (e) and (i),  

Upper and lower cases are the same variable

The calculator accepts large variable names

Example input:

banana=4; daiquiri=5; sqrt(banana^2+ daiquiri^2)


This “calculator” is actually a computational engine –the most powerful one on the net until Wolfram alpha came on line.  Over the years, selective neutering greatly reduced its power and the demands on the network servers.


There was never any significant documentation for advanced use of this calculator. Andre Mossow left that that as an exercise for the world’s geeks, boffins, and genetically enhanced chimps, like Lancelot Link, who documented its creation from the days when it was an embryonic “slide rule” smiley 



 Mar 5, 2019

Thanks Ginger, I didn't know that :)

Melody  Mar 5, 2019

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