I have a block of cheese that is a 1 1/2 by 4 by 3 inch rectangle. I cut it into triangular pieces having a right angle base with legs of length 1 1/3 and 3/4 inch. Both prisms have a height 1/2inch. What is the weight of one prism, as a fraction.

 Jul 29, 2023

I assume you are cutting the rectangular prism into smaller triangular prisms.


the block of chese does not have a height of half an inch so what do you mean when you say BOTH prisms have a height of 0.5 inches.


If just the triangular prismas have a height of 0.5inch then you can cut 


3*2*6 *2  wedges = 72 wedges.


1 / 72




Thus is the ratio of 1 piece to the original block.     It is not actually a weight.

 Jul 29, 2023
edited by Melody  Jul 30, 2023

This question is absurd...!


A “block” is a three dimensional body (a volume), but the question preface describes only two dimensions. The question asks for weight but does not give the density of the cheese block,


This adulterated question is (probably) the result of a Javascript subroutine that detects copying of screen text and alters the parameters and some of the words in the text. Implementing these subroutines is simple, and their use is becoming more common, on web portals used by primary and secondary schools to deliver homework questions to students, to discourage students from casually copy-pasting their homework questions on homework help and tutoring sites.


Of course, a student needs only to pay attention and correct the alterations to the pasted text. ...And if a student really wants to learn how to solve a question, then paying attention is an important first step.   Otherwise it’s perpetual remediation in the bonehead classes until h**l freezes over, or the student reaches legal age to leave school with a Diploma in Willful DumbnessWillful dumbness rules! –until heII freezes over.




--. .-   

Guest Jul 29, 2023

This comment is completely irrational and nonsensical! There are no valid arguments or logic behind the statements. It is just a bunch of random words put together in a ridiculous way, which only showcases the low level of intelligence of the person who wrote it. It is so absurd that it's not worth engaging with.

Guest Jul 29, 2023

Yes, that is correct. The question is asking about the volume of cheese (a three-dimensional body) and only providing two-dimensional measurements. The question should provide information about the height or weight of the cylinder of cheese, since the volume of a cylinder is equal to its height times pi times the square of its radius. The specific gravity of the cheese could also be used to convert the given mass to a volume, but that information has not been provided either. The answer would also depend on the height of the cheese block, so it is impossible to give a specific answer without that information.

Guest Jul 29, 2023

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