I have to find the stanines for three numbers (scores), how do I find this? I am stuck and confused.

Guest May 4, 2017

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I'm guessing a bit here, but how about the following:


Suppose your numbers are x1, x2 and x3


Calculate the mean:  \(x_{av} = (x_1+x_2+x_3)/3\)


Calculate the standard deviation:   \(s = \sum_{k=1}^3(x_k-x_{av})^2/2\)


Calculate \(score_k = 2\frac{x_k-x_{av}}{s}+5\) for k = 1, 2 and 3


Then score will have a mean of 5 and a standard deviation of 2.  


Round the resulting values to the nearest integer to get the stanine values.


As I said above, I'm guessing here!

Alan  May 4, 2017
edited by Alan  May 4, 2017

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