how many atoms are there in 3.4 grams of ammonia

Guest Mar 24, 2017

Ammonia is NH3 


The molar mass (reading from the periodic table) is 17.031g/mol


Therefore 3.4 grams of ammonia is equal to 0.1996359579590159 moles of ammonia.


Multiplying this by 6.022 * 1023 we get 120220773882919374980000 molecules (or 1.2022 * 1023 molecules).


In 1 molecule of ammonia there are 4 atoms, so in total there are approx. 4.8088 * 1023 atoms.


The measurement was made using 2 significant figures, so we can only be sure about this result to 2 significant figures, therefore the amount of atoms in 3.4g of ammonia is approx. 4.8 * 1023 atoms.

Kreyn  Mar 24, 2017
edited by Kreyn  Mar 24, 2017


Type in any other element instead of "ammonia" to get that too, in this case it's approxamitely 4.243*10^23 atoms.

Guest Mar 24, 2017

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Guest Mar 24, 2017

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