How much pressure is under a 5mm thin stiletto heel? If the wearer weighs 128lbs & the heel tip has a circle base.

Guest Jun 26, 2017

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128 lbs is about 58 kg.  Assuming the 5mm refers to the diameter of the stilleto heel, then:


force = 58*9.8 N → 568.4 N


area = pi*0.0025^2 m^2 ≈ 2*10^-5 m^2


pressure = force/area → 568.4/(2*10^-5) N/m^2 ≈ 284^10^5 N/m^2 or 284 bar.


This assumes the wearer is standing on one heel!  If standing on two heels the pressure will be halved. if standing on more of her feet than just heels the pressure will be reduced further.



Alan  Jun 26, 2017

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